Affiliate Marketing Scam WARNING! The Wrong Way To Do Affiliate Marketing & Get Taken By Fake Gurus

As an affiliate, you need to understand the biggest TRAP in affiliate marketing, or you may get scammed by affiliate marketing fake gurus!

To learn the right way to do affiliate marketing, watch this video next:

this video looks at the most common affiliate marketing scams you will encounter online.

Unfortunately, some of these affiliate marketing scams are very lucrative for the individuals running the ads and for the platforms they promote.

They often try to lure you in by promising to “give you everything you need to succeed at affiliate marketing” and they will often give you ads, emails, but here’s the rub…

the law of diminishing returns clearly states that the ads simply will not produce as many clicks or sales for you as they did for the fake guru who got you in on the affiliate marketing scam.

When you combine that with the fact that you’re not only competing with the fake guru because they’re still advertising… But you’re also competing with every other affiliate marketer the fake guru brought in under them… You now realize you are in direct competition with the “teacher”

So your teacher is trying to sell the same people they’re trying to convince you to sell into the affiliate marketing scam.

The result? Well if you buy-in… The fake guru earns money from your enrollment fees… And you won’t be able to enroll people as easy as they make it seem.

these kinds of scams are not only happening in the affiliate marketing world but there also common in multilevel marketing and even in the cryptocurrency space…

I call them the “me too” programs. And the key for you to look for is when someone’s trying to enroll you in a system that requires you to pay to get the right to enroll others into that same system… And your income is based on other people buying into the exact same thing you bought into.

Whether it’s Clickfunnels, MOBE, Empower Network, Bitconnect… Most of which have been shut down by the federal government for being complete and outright scams… you need to be able to spot these affiliate marketing scams so you can avoid getting taken by the fake gurus.

you want to find a legitimate affiliate network that offers products your audience desires to purchase. For a video that covers seven legitimate affiliate networks, go here:

Many people choose to start with ClickBank affiliate marketing, which is explained here:

remember, the key to successful affiliate marketing is to leverage your unique experiences, skills, talents, ideas… Your uniqueness to add value to the lives of others
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15 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Scam WARNING! The Wrong Way To Do Affiliate Marketing & Get Taken By Fake Gurus

thanks to you i quit clickfunnels and fortunately i am now providing real value through my product.
at a WAAAYYY lower price for the tools i use and for a muuuch better experience using my techie skills.
Thanks G-d you exist brother!

i was going to make a video just like this. you beat me to it. very awesome nonetheless my friend

lol get my course which is powered by click funnels, to promote click funnels. seen such ads before

This is ONLY true when there is a downline. I have products I teach people to use, offer them bonuses, etc. I promote and get paid for it but I DON'T sell them products that I get a recurring income on or make money on them selling the same product. I am teaching people how I USED the products to build my own business but not how I SOLD the product to build my business… that's the difference. Be wary.. but recognize the difference between someone offering you value and someone just trying to sell you.

The "me too" business model is the toxic part of capitalism 😒
The value is the prospect of value but there is never actually any value produced.

True 100%. They get all of it because you with good believes help them get more and you yourself get stuck with nithing

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