Apple Market

Apple Market
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Inside Covent Garden Market.

☆Today we have covered apple market update-
-)Intro                        -)Different elements
-)Combination            -)effects
-)Treatments.                 -)Proper Procedure
-)Technical Points. –
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●Boron+Calcium Nutrients:-

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● सेब तुड़ान के बाद पोषक तत्वों का छिड़काव Part-l:-
●सेब तुड़ान के बाद पोषक तत्वों का छिड़काव Part-ll:-

●Cold Treatment and Pollination:-
●Simplest Grafting Technique:-
New Technologies
Here can Orchardist Watch Online Live Streaming , Post Harvesting Nutrition Management
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Sir, what is this apple variety and how much apple a bix contains and also rate. Do rate change daily in the bid. I want one box of best quality Red Delicious, gala, fuji or jeromine may be Royal. I shall feel obliged where it may be available in Shimla and rate also. Thanks a lor for reply. Welcome and heartiest regards.

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