Bob’s Design 1: 16’x20′ – 6

Bob’s Design 1: 16’x20′ – 6
passive income
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CLog (Construction Log)


  1. Super-insulated, passive solar
  2. Under ,000.00.
  3. 15% yearly ROI. After expenses, vacancies, and increased taxes.


My wife and I have dreamed of having second unit to rent since we got together in 2008. We like the potential return on investment to cushion a loss of a job, and ability to use it as a guest house, or granny flat in good times. In November of 2010 we go married and bought a house in a residential neighborhood 1/2 mile from downtown, Brattleboro, Vermont (200 miles North of NYC). It had an old two car garage. Thus our journey began!

We are not carpenters, nor will we be quitting our day jobs. We are both teachers with modest non-profit salaries, but flexible schedules when needed. We will act as the General Contractor and do all we have time/skill for on weekends and after work. My work at a local college in educational technology allows me to practice using tools like this WordPress blog, Sketchup and Google Apps because I also teach that technology.

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