June 5th 2008 – Like Icarus

June 5th 2008 – Like Icarus
Marketing Mobile
Image by Stephen Poff
I put some time into this, so enjoy it better HERE ;-).

Today was spent finishing up a wedding and working up a 1 minute version of the Montgomery Flea Market commercial. Sick Little Monkey asked if it was better than the youtube videos… um… maybe a little. But really, we don’t get to have any real creative input on his stuff other than in editing… so… but it’s still really funny.

So this is another shot that I had in my head for a while but never did. It’s a composition of 2 photos I did a while back (wings and clouds) and then of course today’s self portrait. I’m quite pleased with how it came out.

By the way, I know I’m WAY behind on my responding to my comments, but please forgive me, I’ve been editing weddings, planning my own and just generally really busy. Believe me I keep up with all you guys on flickr mobile and am enjoying your streams daily.

Strobist info: Canon 430ex through a softbox at camera right.