Simple Mobile Apps That Made Millions

Top 7 of the most simple and basic cellphone applications that made a lot of money.
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The latest “get rich quick” scheme lies in mobile apps. With just the touch of the hand, and maybe some late night studying, and you can make millions from your mobile app. The trend today is that simple is best, meaning that the concept behind the programming, appearance, and usability must be simple in order to appeal to a wide audience. If the app is too complex to the point where people don’t understand, it won’t sell and money won’t be made. The key to creating a simple app that will make millions is to create something that will appeal to people off all different backgrounds, regardless of age or education.
One of the simplest (and boring) apps is a simple “to do list” app called, “Clear.” The app has made over million dollars, and appeals to people who like to make lists. Luckily for the company, Realmac Software, that is a pretty large chunk of the population. This is just proof of a simple idea that made millions.
The Soundhound app became an overnight hit as it helped people with a constant need to identify music. Using a song back, Soundhound can trace what song you heard in the grocery store by going through the database. It is simple and it made a ton of money, inspiring numerous copycats and updated versions.
If you have ever flown on an airplane before, or know someone who has, then you know the importance of being able to track your flight, both for the flyer and those still on the ground. Flight Track does exactly that, and doesn’t require any sort of original idea. By taking information from the websites of airlines and airports, Flight Track has become a simple app with a wealth of information.
Of course, we all like to read articles in some genre or another, whether it is news, how-to, or informative articles with hacks or recipes. Believe it or not, a 17-year old teenager by the name of Nick D’Aloisio created an app called, “Summly” that gives a summary of a linked news article on Twitter if you’re reading from a mobile app. Nick noticed there was a huge gap in between the tweet and the article info, and thought it would be a good place to fill in some information. Yahoo ended up buying “Summly” for million.
Simple apps aren’t always practical. In fact, some of the apps that have made the most money are entertainment-based, such as iFart. As immature and hilarious as this sounds, iFart has made about million and lets you select from a plethora of farts of all kinds. You can even record your own fart to add to the database. Both kids and adults get a kick out of it.
Finally, you can’t talk about simple apps that made millions without talking about BubbleFREE, which is an app that is all about popping bubble wrap. It is an addiction that most members of the human race share, and no longer do you have to wait to get a package to enjoy the wonders of popping bubble wrap. The app has been downloaded 12 million times and has made bank thanks to advertising revenue.
For more simple apps that made millions, check out the rest of the video. You might very well start kicking yourself for not thinking of one of these ideas first!

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20 thoughts on “Simple Mobile Apps That Made Millions

how u make money with apps when i download apps for free and dont pay nothing?..i dont get new to this

How did an app with only above 6 Million Downloads get a worth of 5 Million dollars?? Bullshit… Free apps only pay a developer 3¢ per download therefore that app would have only made about $1.3-1.6 Million

SO basically…….50,000 x 7 (a week) = 35,000 x 4 (a month) = 1,400,000….. so flappy bird basically made 1 and a half MILLION dollars A MONTH …. wow

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