The TRUTH About Affiliate Marketing In 2019 And Beyond

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The TRUTH About Affiliate Marketing In 2019 And Beyond

For the rest of 2018 and even 2019 affiliate marketing is and will be making some big changes…

Here are the main reasons I cover in this video as to why people are struggling:

*Profit margins are minimal

8Email marketing is dying (solo ads are working less and less and becoming more expensive)

*Facebook ad costs are rising

*You are left with free traffic and branding OR you need to sell high ticket stuff

*You’re reliant on the offers assets such as sales pages, coaching for upsells etc

  • You have to wait a month or more to get paid out (wait till after refunds) hard to know your numbers

*Video is the future (people are wanting to consume content much faster and sick of being burned by someone they don’t really know)

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16 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Affiliate Marketing In 2019 And Beyond

I Failed My First 3 Affiliate Marketing Business Following The "Quick Approach" and it wasn't until recently that I understood the concept of Intent Based Marketing from Frank Kern and the "Documenting everything" model From Gary Vee in order to build an audience and providing value through content creation!

Im so glad I saw this video bro, so thanks a lot! Currently building my Youtube Topics to know what I will talk about on my Current Channel

by the time you pay the advertisers pay for you website bust ass spend a lot of time promoting most people wind up with peanuts…If you gonna pay huge money pay the power company and mine crypto instead believe me…Affiliate marketing is done and dusted

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IM glad to see it dying for the scammers spammers and shiny object sales pitchers ,those " gurus" had my convinced with their courses (specificly for me they supposed out of florida(solo-er) & (California(a group))),foolishly i was sold hook line and sinker, i lost 12,000 + to them.😡🤬😠 ,they are well known big name "gurus" that been around a long time,for years.So now im learning html and css even if i never use it for making money on line, you should see the J U N K J U N K J u N K software [now that im not so new at this] in html form that was sold to me in my so called "done for me " ready to go money making affiliate web sites i paid lots of HARD LABOR EARNED money for [pissed],[ +*()$#^@…+)^*!#$#] get my drift ? his boot camp was never completed and just atotal mess ! expect no honest to god help from them ,they lie much ! promises =lies.These greedsters dont care if you crash n burn and are only interested in getting your hard money ,all of it ! the best one can do is patiently learn on your own the best you can,make a note book and expect very little results atleast for the time being, but learn development basics start with html & css , then revaluate and move up the next learning notch andstick to your regular job for now to have some money .stay away from what i call"prefabricated software" thats for sale out there ,learn CODE instead ,that has helped me the best andsave most your hard earned money from the ripoffcreeps !

this is so good! I've recently started affiliate marketing, and I'm 100% concentrating on building my YT channel. it's so hard in the beginning though for a lot of reasons! but each day i keep plugging away!!

Thanks for giving the real deal, Most of the big money makers from 2007 till now are on this Youtube trying to squeeze the last drop of money from newbies and its sad for 1000.00! John, C Marcus C, ODI and many more. Not sure what you charge but its probably a pretty penny. I only lost like maybe 200.00 so far trying google ads, and courses that I was able to get refunds. It's hard if you're not creative and work hard 8 hrs a day to start up. SEO and Blogging is still the best way to build a Brand with trust and stay with ONE niche. Slow rolling will get the best results for 2020, not this year. Look at all the liers to your right side on this platform. SAD.

its dying because people are becoming smarter when it comes to protecting their personal identifiable information and scam email. this guy sounds like affiliate marketing included those fake free product email pushes people would read and answer the fake questions with honest answers and the use it to build email lists they could sell…nice…

О чем этот перец базарит?
Я шото ваще не въезжаю😂

I hope it is ok,I have chosen you for a mentor. I don't have money to invest right now, but I want to. I love that you're honest. Because of this video I now know where to start. Ty

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